Team Sports Psychology

Team Sports Psychology

At Zone Performance Psychology we offer two fundamental training programs for a wide variety of Sports teams to enable their athletes to get into and stay into the Zone more consistently and for longer periods of time.

Team Sports Psychology


These programs are designed to improve their overall Mental Toughness. To perform on “Demand under Pressure” athletes need to learn and develop the right attitude and mindset that will allow them to create the right focus and feeling so that their innate abilities and skills will shine through when they need them the most.

Cognitive-Perceptual Training Program

Team Sports PsychologyAt Zone Performance Psychology we are always looking for the most advanced cutting-edge technologies to improve our athletes’ overall mental well-being, awareness and performance. Our facility has a High-Performance Centre that uses sensory equipment that systematically and progressively improves their vision, memory, speed of thought and cognitive abilities. The Cognitive-Perceptual Training Program aims at improving the relationship between the eyes, the brain and the body, resulting in the ability to take in more information to the brain at a quicker rate, have the brain process that information faster and more effectively, resulting in the body’s ability to output quicker and more effective responses under stress and pressure. 

The Ability To:




This is measured, developed and trained via a number of Brain-Vision Training Stations that have specific exercises that target and enhance their:

  • Decision making
  • Brain processing speed
  • Spatial awareness
  • Mental stamina and endurance
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Attention (selective, distributed, sustained, dynamic, etc.)
  • Focus and tracking
  • Visual Skills (Convergence, Divergence, Depth Perception, Alignment, Recognition, Tracking, etc.)
  • Anticipation
  • Target Accuracy
  • Eye-Handcoordination
Team Sports Psychology
  • Reaction and overall response time
  • Situational awareness
  • Cognitive skills (executive functioning, working memory, auditory processing, response control, etc.)

Baseline Concussion Testing and Recovery Programs to help return to play protocol

Team Sports PsychologyAll of these skills can be quickly developed by utilizing Zone Performance’s Cognitive-Perceptual Training Protocol which in turn will develop their Sports IQ and overall Confidence on and off the playing surface. At the beginning of the season, we can establish a Baseline to determine their strengths and weaknesses with regard to these skillsets so that our clients can see and process more allowing them to remain safer and possibly aid in the prevention of sustaining a concussion. This type of training can also assist in the treatment and
return to play protocol for athletes who have suffered a concussion. These sophisticated training tools can objectively tell where a client is, which in turn, is great for the client because they get to see and understand how they are doing in the process of recovering from their injury.

Recommendations and Team Sports Psychology Program Goals tailored for Your Teams, Schools and Organizations

This program is suitable for all ages and skill levels. Zone Performance offers age and skill appropriate training for youth, middle school, high-school, university and professional players. We offer year-round training programs that are based on years of research, experience and scientific data. 

The High-Performance Centre at Zone Performance can accommodate a wide variety of sports teams. Each team member will receive an initial baseline and go through a circuit of stations that are customized to address the unique needs of each individual team member. The benefits from this program often translate beyond the playing surface and our clients often report that this training has resulted in better academic success and personal achievement because their overall brain-functioning ability has dramatically improved (e.g., enhanced executive function and working memory, heightened brainwave and processing speed, improved decision-making, problem solving & multitasking, improved concentration & awareness, filtering of distractions, etc.).Our goal is to help each player achieve their short- and long-term goals. The training environment is professional, innovative, friendly and designed to meet the diverse performance needs of our clients. Sessions are 1 hour each. Training 1x time per week is sufficient to reach your goals, but we recommend training 2-3x times per week to improve even faster. 

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Mental Game Coaching

(Sports Psychology Training)


There are 5 Areas of Peak Performance that enables an athlete to be at their best.
As illustrated below, each quadrant must be fully developed if the athlete wants to reach their ultimate athletic performance goal/dream. The Hub of the Wheel (Lifestyle Habits) is first and foremost the most critical element that needs to be addressed because this allows the athlete and team to maximize their training in each of the performance quadrants. Most athletes often have a good understanding and awareness with
regard to training their physical and technical skills, however, they have very little knowledge and practical things that they can do to develop their Mental Toughness.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

-U.S. President Harry S. Truman

The 7 C's of Mental Toughness

Team Sports Psychology
At Zone Performance we provide sports teams with the critical mental skills that allows each member and the team as a collective whole to better understand themselves and develop the self-awareness that promotes the cohesion, drive, energy, belief, and sacrifice to not only reach their individual goals but the overall collective mission set forth by the administration, coaching staff, trainers, and the players on the team. Over the past 3 decades as a player, technical coach, and mental coach at the amateur, collegiate, and professional level I have discovered the 7 core mental skills that need to be developed and
nurtured if an athlete and team wants to reach the pinnacle of their sport:

  • Concentration
  • Composure
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Consitency
  • Coachability
  • Compassion

The Key to Success: "Success Leaves Clues"

Team Sports PsychologyIf you examine the best athletes and teams in the world and the culture that they have developed within their organization you will quickly realize that “Success Leaves Clues”. Over the course of a season Zone Performance will conduct mental training workshops for your team on each of the 7 C’s of Mental Toughness and provide the practical tools and exercises that foster the Emotional Intelligence and Mental Resilience so that each team member will grow not only as an athlete but enhance personal growth and development.
Team Sports Psychology
These workshops are ultimately designed to create a “Mindful Athlete”. Team members learn how to address thoughts, emotions, senses, body awareness, fear, pressure in a much more productive manner. Athletes who have a better awareness of their thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and the external environment are better equipped to respond to their environment rather than overreacting to external stimuli (e.g., poor officiating, bad weather conditions, hostile crowds, trash talking, etc.). The mental training sessions help each team member to truly understand that the mental game determines the situation not the other way around. The activities and techniques learned and practiced in the workshops will:

  • Reduce the impact that stress and anxiety have on their performance
  • Boost their confidence and mental toughness
  • Increase their ability to get into the “Zone”
  • Calm their mind to gain an advantage on and off the athletic field
  • Gain more control and awareness of their actions and emotions
  • Enhance Performance
  • Increase Sport satisfaction

Program Recommendations for Team Sports Psychology Sessions

Our mental training sessions are typically 90 minutes and they can be conducted at our office or we can come to your facility. We recommend a minimum of one session a month as our sessions progressively build on the fundamentals so that the young men and women on your team can take charge of their confidence, focus, resiliency, mindset and behavior.

Team Sports Psychology

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