Individual Sports Psychology

Individual Sports Psychology

Do you want to take your game to the next level but you’re not sure how? There’s a limit on physical training BUT the possibilities are limitless when you train your mental game. Tap into your limitless performance, simply by combining your physical training with mental toughness training for athletes.

At Zone Performance, we believe your most powerful resource is inside your brain. Outstanding performers in all fields are taking advantage of our unique approach of blending Mindfulness, Cognitive-Perceptual Training, Audio-Visual Entrainment, and Neuro and biofeedback technology with an individualized Mental Coaching Program. This personalized approach helps our clients overcome mental barriers to achieve consistent peak performance with improved focus, confidence, poise, removal of mental “blocks” and increased emotional control during stressful or frustrating situations. Our clients are upping their mental game, overcoming challenges and taking their performance to the next level in all aspects of their game and life.

Gain the Competitive Advantage with Individual Sports Psychology

Individual Sports PsychologyZone Performance provides parents, coaches, and athletes of all ages and skill levels quick and effective solutions to assist them in achieving and even exceeding their performance goals. Athletes rapidly gain the insight, tools, and strategies to understand how their mind works and to gain control over it in a way that optimizes their personal performance, as opposed to sabotaging it. Performance Psychology for Athletes offered at Zone Performance in Alberta, Canada ensures that your Mindset is more consistently positive and productive, which in turn, allows producing performance results “under pressure and on demand”. Athletes will learn the life and mental skills that will allow them to optimize the mind-body connection so that they can achieve personal and athletic goals.

With our personalized program of one on one mental coaching, our clients analyze their mental game through a series of conversations and assessments and develop a training plan to work towards optimizing strengths and overcoming barriers. Athletes will learn and master the 7 C’s of Mental Toughness: Concentration, Composure, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, Compassion, and Coachability that will prepare them for the obstacles and challenges they might be currently dealing with or face in the future in their life and in their sport. return to play protocol for athletes who have suffered a concussion. These sophisticated training tools can objectively tell where a client is, which in turn, is great for the client because they get to see and understand how they are doing in the process of recovering from their injury.

Discover Your Inner Champion by Utilizing Individual Sports Psychology

Individual Sports Psychology
  • Achieve the optimal state of mind – to perform your best under any conditions
  • Gain new motivation and confidence – to break through mental barriers
  • Unleash the power of your body, mind, and spirit – to realize your full potential
  • Create a healthy, balanced lifestyle – athletically, professionally, and personally
  • Deal with fear – and use it to propel you forward
  • Handle stress, anxiety, and health concerns
  • Think, act and perform like a champion!

“Practice is 90% physical and 10% mental. However, when you get to meets, the percentages flip flop and the sport becomes 90% mental and 10% physical”.

- Mark Spitz, 7-time Olympic Gold Medalist

Zone Performance Mental Training Programs for Individual Sports Psychology

Train like an Olympic or Professional Athlete. Zone Performance offers three different Performance Psychology Training programs to maximize your athletic performance:

The Bronze Package includes 1 mental game coaching session per month with our lead psychologist John Stevenson over the course of 6 months. The client receives 6 Mental Game Coaching sessions, 55 minutes of coaching each session. Athletes participating in this Performance Psychology Program will develop their mental toughness and their ability to perform under pressure because they will learn the seven essential mental skills that allow them to perform their best when it matters most. Key mental skills such as Goal-setting, Positive-effective thinking, Stress-energy management, Attention control, and Imagery will be covered to ensure that each athlete has the ability to create the MIND-SET that will ultimately allow them to reach the Ideal Performance State so that they can consistently maximize their performance.

The Silver Package includes 2 mental game coaching sessions per month with our lead Psychologist John Stevenson over the course of 6 months. The client receives 12 mental game coaching sessions, 55 minutes of coaching each session. This program allows that client to fully engage and develop the 7C’s of Mental Toughness. They will be exposed to technology such as the Vizual Edge, Neurotracker, Audio Visual Entrainment, and Bio/Neurofeedback. The primary emphasis of this program will be teaching self-regulation skills premised on a “Mindfulness-Based cognitive” based approach that helps them respond to their thoughts effectively, which in turn affect their emotions, and hence their performance. Clients undergoing this program will learn how to use mindfulness to find flow in sports and in life. Core concepts and individualized activities are combined to create a personally-designed mental skills training program that gets results. This Mental Resiliency Program will empower athletes with tools and strategies that will:

  • Strengthen mental focus, physical awareness, and emotional resilience
  • Work with distracting or negative thoughts and intense feelings
  • Respond rather than react in challenging situations
  • Increase the ability to persevere during periods of plateau, set-back, and injury
  • Be an excellent teammate, and intentionally create a positive collaborative team culture
  • Make wise, healthy, compassionate choices when faced with challenges, temptations, and risks
  • Intensify your natural love of your sport

The Gold Package includes 4 mental game coaching sessions per month with John Stevenson over the course of 6 months. The client receives 24 Mental Game Coaching sessions, 55 minutes of coaching each session. Athletes participating in this psychological skills training program will receive a comprehensive Psychophysiological Assessment at the onset of the program that specifically determines each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses before mental training.

This program combines the best traditional sports psychology interventions with the latest sports science technology available today (e.g., Cognitive-Perceptual, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Mindfulness, Audio Visual Entrainment, Sports Psychology Skills Training) to assist you in achieving consistent peak performance.

Athletes/Clients will have the opportunity to use the same techniques and technologies as the medal-winning Canadian athletes in the 2010 Olympic Games, the National Hockey League, the National Football League, The British Premier League, NASA astronauts, Navy Seals and the Canadian and American Military.

Athletes participating in these programs will be better equipped to:

  • Control their stress levels by changing their brainwaves, heart rate, breathing skin conductivity, temperature, respiration, and blood volume pulse.
  • Behave intelligently and responsibly in the face of challenges and adversity.
  • Learn how to control their thinking and emotions to perform consistently and effectively at their highest levels of personal excellence.
  • Learn how to set personal, achievable goals.
  • Learn how mental skills training can positively affect all aspects of their lives, including formative relationships with coaches, family, teachers, employers, and peers.

Please Note: This program requires the athlete /performer to make a serious commitment to their mental training regime. The protocol requires the athlete to make a weekly commitment to their training (each week the athlete will receive homework-audio, workbooks, and routines to develop and master these skills). This program is designed for those athletes/performers who are very serious about their performance and who want to benefit from the latest cutting-edge technology to take their game to the next level.

Individual Sports Psychology
Individual Sports Psychology
Individual Sports Psychology
Individual Sports Psychology

Check out the following videos that highlight how Cognitive-Perceptual Training, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback have helped Professional and Olympic Athletes have a Mental Edge over the competition!

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Utilize our individual sports psychology program to reach the next level! Serious athletes train both their bodies and minds for peak performance. The overall goal of any mental game program is the same – improving your mind to help your body with its peak performance. The programs can be applied to any level of competition including junior, high school, and college or professional that is motivated to improve and open to change.

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