Fitlight Trainer

The Fitlight Trainer is a speed and cognitive training system that’s designed to completely transform the way we exercise, train, and measure performance. This innovative speed training system helps athletes to strengthen the bond between their mind and body, enhance their reaction and response time, decision making, cognitive flexibility, peripheral version, and movement patterns.

The Fitlight Trainer is a wireless light system comprised of series RGB LED powered lights. The lights are used as targets and can be adapted and configured for all sports and training programs.

Adding a whole new dimension to training, the Fitlight measures your reaction time, speed, agility, and coordination. Fitlight training is a new tool that now allows us to prepare athletes for the unexpected nature that comes along with a return to practice and games. Athletes at the highest level, including NBA MVP Steph Curry and the Toronto Raptors, have started using Fitlight training and now you can too! Check out these videos to see how amateur and professional athletes are using Fitlight training in action.

For Athletes

The Fitlight Trainer system will become integral to all user’s training needs by mirroring actual game training conditions to motivate and develop your athletes by enhancing their ability to react in intense game conditions and providing deep sports performance analysis.

The Fitlight Trainer system is perfectly suited for any training or physical exercise with metrics to create performance benchmarks. The system’s flexibility allows you to create individual routines, applicable fitness conditioning, or sport specific programs for both athlete and trainer, while sports analysis capabilities brings awareness to the athlete’s current form and allowing them to create tangible goals to improve.

Reaction time, speed, agility, and acceleration can be easily measured using the Fitlight Trainer, with the ability to design specific drills or programs that mimic actual movements during game play. Attributes related to athletic ability and fluidity of movement can be captured with real-time accurate measurements and further evaluated to increase athlete’s training levels.

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