Goalie Summer Mental Training Plan: Goalie Mindset Academy June 8 featuring John Stevenson and Pete Fry


Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson & Pete Fry Goalie Mindset Academy


We’re going to help you guys formulate a little bit of a plan for the summer so that next season you can have your strongest season ever. John’s also a former NHL golden coach, and together our clients have won Stanley cups, Besant a trophies, Western hockey league, Canadian majored junior goaltenders of the year and lots of other awards.

It’s going to be in your hands to take the action and it really is a little things that we all choose to either do or not do that are going to make the difference in your success.

You don’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden you’re holding the vest and a trophy in your hands. You don’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden the hockey career is over.

No one wants you on, on their team. That is accumulation of little activities that you can choose to do daily or not do daily that add up that make the big difference in a goalie success or goalies goalie’s failure. And so we’re going to cover a few of those today that you can start to apply and take action on immediately.

Two, improve your goalie career. We’re going to start off with John, Edmonton psychologist, with the seven CS. I’m going to show you this little video real quick before we get started

To the middle. McDavid two chances to say it is another chance goes wide. Zero, zero game a late here in the second period. Leon, Draisaitl. Proud in front Larson. Lexi, go reaching for the rebounds. Please sit back up top for Draisaitl. Here’s a chance. Maroon. Again, stop. Stop.


Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson Goalie Mindset Academy


Patrick Maroon 44 times, hopefully so limited by the pants here at the capital one arena and why not Patrick? Maroon upset, but sometimes the goaltender’s just really good at the other end.

Let’s go first to Connor McDavid with a chance using that. Terrific speed goes wide. Nobody is, it is going to catch him now. Good stuff. Again, more pressure by the Edmonton Oilers.

Is that Patrick earlier, Patrick. It takes all of us in the fact we put some pressure on the room. David, Draisaitl still shaking his head and still the other guy. The goalie’s really darn good.

That’s great. Hey, we can do that to a player where you make save after save after save that the player literally just shakes his ed and doesn’t know what else to do there. So John, Edmonton psychologist,  I’m going to pass it over to you too.

About the seventh C’s.

Go ahead, take it away. Well, I’ve had the privilege and the honor to work with Braden for the last 14 years. I was just actually last weekend in Washington spending some time and Braden was kind enough to come and talk to an Irish dance group.

That may sound a little bit strange, but the same mental skills that Braden has learned and developed over his career are the same mental skills that you can use for several different sports.

Whether you’re an Irish dancer or a volleyball player. And a lot of my clients, they’ve used this in you know, with regards to the military or the police force.

When a lot of kids come and approach me, as an Edmonton psychologist, it’s like they hear the importance of mental training, but a lot of the times they don’t know what they can specifically do.


Edmonton Psychologist | Pete Fry Goalie Mindset Academy


And even what mental toughness is, is, and just over the course of I ran a hockey school for close to 30 years and over my, you know, over that time I’ve developed what I call the seven C’s of mental toughness.

And these are specific things that you can do to take your game to the next level. One of the things that I would really encourage all of our listeners to really embrace is one of the C’s is what we call is coachability. And you know, all of my goalies, whether it be Nick Schneider, Carter Hart or Braden Holtby.

I joked with Braden a while ago that, you know, when we started working together, I said, as an Edmonton psychologist,  Braden, over your career, you’re probably going to have, you know, five to possibly 10 goalie coaches, you know, throughout your lifetime. And he kind of joked about it. And he you know, in, in Washington alone, he’s had almost.

I think six goalie coaches now. And one of the things that you really want to have an open mind is, you know, even, you know, with Stuart Skinner, Pete, you know, these are guys that are playing their first year of pro.

And one of the things that they, they’ve had, you know, listened to the veterans, you know, that you don’t have to, you don’t have to agree with everything, but one of the things that they’ve done is you know, they.

I would tell you right now to the biggest changes that the goalies Nick Schneider and Carter have done this year is they were really open to hear different ideas about their sleep, improving the quality of their sleep, especially when you’re traveling all over North America.


Edmonton Psychologist | Summer Goalie Mindset Academy


And you know, if Nick and Carter were on the webinar today, they would really emphasize to the listeners how important diet is. You know, Carter and Nick, just to give you an example of eliminated chocolate milk out of their diet. And that just that one thing has made a huge improvement to their goaltending performance.

You know, a lot of people, I was, you know, last weekend when I was talking to Brayden, you know, a lot of people might be shocked when I say this, but on game days.

Braden has almost 17 liters of water. And you know, when he was, you know, when he first started working with the strength and conditioning coach in Washington.

You know, that might sound crazy, but it’s one of the key things that’s allowed him to be one of the most consistent goalies, you know, over the national international hockey league over the last seven, eight years. You know, the ability to focus.

So just to give you an example for our listeners I personally feel that the ability to focus is the most critical skill when it comes to goaltending. And just a simple thing that our listeners can do over the course of the summer is a lot.

You know, for example, Brayden and Carter would tell you that one of the key things that they’ve learned from me, says Edmonton psychologist, is the skill of mindfulness. Where they would focus on their breathing. And so a little phrase that I use with all my goalies is we have no future. I have no past.

My goal is to make the present last. I’m right here right now. And when a lot of times, you know, people have been instructed, you know, with regards to breathing as a tool to calm down, I don’t, I actually don’t use it to calm down.


The Goalie Mindset Academy


I teach my goalies to use this as a focal tool and you can’t feel your breath in the past. You can’t feel your breath in the future. The only time and place that you can feel the sensation of your breath is in the now.

And so, you know, when Carter broke every record in the Western hockey league a couple of years ago and it’s history, you know, one of the things he’d say right now is prior to every practice, he would spend five minutes just focusing on his breathing.

Just being in the moment. Now that’s great. And I teach all of my students that if you do five minutes, 10 minutes, a half an hour of just being in the moment where you’re doing this mindfulness practice every day where you’re just feeling your breath in the moment.

Well that’s great even if you did it for half an hour. But if the other 24 hours and 30 minutes of your day, you’re practicing distraction.

And what I mean by that is, so one of the exercises that right off the bat that I’d have our instructor, you know, our students do our clients to do is whatever you’re doing, do give yourself that undivided attention in every activity or person that you’re with.

So for example, if you’re in the shower, I want you to be in the shower. If you’re eating your meal, you’re eating your meal.

If you’re talking to your friend, it’s amazing how kids, I see they’re talking to their friend and but at the same time they’re on their cell phones. And so that’s, you want to be able to whatever the activity or the person that you’re with, give them your undivided attention because your brain can only actively focus on one thing well at a time.


Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson & Pete Fry Mindset Academy For Goalies


And by practicing doing one thing well at a time, throughout the whole day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, if you’re giving your 100% undivided attention to that activity, well you’re actually training your brain.

You’re training your, you’re practicing the skill and the art of concentration. You guys are hearing what John’s saying. So during the summer, bye

Being in the moment with whatever you’re doing and we’ll let John say, whether you’re, whether you’re, you’re, you’re eating a meal, you’re, you’re, you’re eating that meal. Whether you’re talking to a friend, you are talking to that friend by, by just doing that.

You’re working on your mental skills during the summer. So, one way to just work it into things you are already do right off the bat. So, so that, that’s one of the things to start to apply right away

Is to be in the moment.

And you can start that immediately. Go ahead Joe. I just want to emphasize that and you mean for example, one of the things that I just eat recently.

Lee added Pete as the viewers will see on the slide is his compassion. And I will give you an example what I mean like I mean just recently in the Stanley cup finals, you saw that the goaltender from the St. Louis blues had a tough game.

And I mean this young lad has had an unbelievable season, but there is a game where he had five goals and he got pulled. But, and this is where I see a lot of the goalies from, you know, from Adam all the way up to the pros where they can tend to be hard on themselves and really down on themselves, says Edmonton psychologist.


John Stevenson Mindset Academy For Goalies


And you know, one of the things that Brayden really embraced and learn, we call it the cinder Cinderella effect, is that, you know, after a game, you know.

Braden will be on the plane and he’ll watch his game film, whether it’s a great game or a poor game, you want to treat each other game exactly the same.

And I call it lessons learned. And, but after that game, he does the game review, whether it was with Mitch coroner, Scotty this year, you know, that game has done it. It’s over by midnight.

It the pumpkin is it, it’s done. And you know, that’s one of the thing that you saw Jordan do with the St. Louis blues is that he just, you know, he never let that affect his confidence level. It’s like everybody’s going to have a tough game.

Not everybody, but he’s going to be perfect every time. And to have that ability to let go, learn from it and then grow from it. Well you just saw that evidence, you know, and this is one of the reasons what makes this kid so strong.

And same thing with Carter. You know, the first time Carter played in the world junior championship, you know, they lost in overtime and he learned and he grew, he grew from that.

And that allowed him on. I think he would tell you that that was one of the reasons why he had such success the second time around. So that skill of being able to, you know, let it go, grow from it.

And that’s one of the things that, you know, we want to teach our goalies in the workshop this summer. And it’s a critical skill because a lot of goalies tend to get too hard on themselves and too down on themselves.


Edmonton Psychologist | Pete Fry Mindset Academy For Goalies


And that ability to just to let it go, get back into the moment and get ready for that next game. It’s a CRE, it’s a, it’s a key, critical skill. Love it, love it. And of course, there is game six tonight with Boston and St. Louis. You’ll see a being in the back, back in action tonight.

You know, and, and yeah, and, and, and a lot of our viewers and a lot of our listeners, you know, I’m sure a lot of the people have seen the Braden Holtby clip, you know, where he does his pregame routine.

And you know, like Mitch says on the video, this was years in the making. This is not something that he just learned in a day, but over time, the vision drills, the visualization.

The imagination drills, the ball drills recognizing for example, when we talk about consistency, one of the things that Pete and I really emphasize is learning to understand your hype number and what, what I mean by that is.

You know, zero, you’re asleep and 10 you’ve had 900 red bull. And there’s a lot of different goalies that Pete and I work with.

And you know, some goalies, they perform better when they are at a lower hype level, when they are calmer, other goalies perform better when they are out a more pumped up hype number.

And that’s why it’s so critical that goalies don’t compare themselves to each other. Because what might work for Carter heart might be very different for you.

And that’s what you want to start to learn is what’s your hype number? And what you’re doing is there’s no such thing as a big game.


John Stevenson & Pete Fry Interview – Mindset Academy For Goalies


You know, I always joke with my goalies, the puck doesn’t know that it’s a big game. The ice surface doesn’t know that it’s a big game. The goal posts don’t know that it’s a big game. It’s a game and you want to start to treat. Your practice is just exactly like your games.

And so what you’re doing to develop that consistency, one of the seven C’s is you’re focusing on pregame routines, so that helps you to get to your hype number, which in turn allows you to have be more consistent throughout the season.

And so these are, again, these are skills that a lot of goalies are not even aware of, but not just physical routines, but literally also mental.

That helps them to keep their mind focused in the moment. Because a lot of goalies tend to allow their focus to get into the future.

The what ifs, the have two, there’s the Go tos, the need tos and you know, again, like if Carter came on the phone right now or Braden came on the phone and you asked them, okay, what they’re safe percentages or their goals against was or any of their stats.

I think a lot of our listeners would be surprised that they would tell you, I don’t know and I don’t care because it’s not really important to what allows them to do, you know, just to stop the puck. And I think that’s a big thing that there’s so much emphasis.

Pete, wouldn’t you agree that you know, Oh I want to get drafted. I want to have the best save percentage.

I want to have the best schools against. And that’s true. But the best goal is ironically don’t focus on that.


Edmonton Psychologist | Interview With John Stevenson & Pete Fry


They focus on the things that they need to do in the moment, which in turn allows them to get those stats. Yes, I would agree. So they are in the middle. Yeah. If someone’s thinking about that when their plan, they’re not in the moment. Yeah.

And, and, and I think, you know, we’re going to talk a little bit later on, but you know, when we, when we talk about commitment, you know, I have a lot of goalies.

You know, one of the things that I really emphasize with my goal is like, a lot of people won’t believe me when I say this, but nowadays I have a real hard time getting a hold of and Hopi cause Brayden’s knife never on his phone.

And one of the things, you know, with Fortnite and Minecraft and YouTube and Snapchat and all this gaming stuff, what a lot of goalies don’t realize, it’s one of the worst things that you could do for your brain.

And Braden hope he’s never on his phone. And just that alone, his energy level has dramatically changed in the last, you know, quite a few years.

And you know, when we talk about commitment there, you know, the best dry land training coaches, technical coaches, you know, they’re going to ask you to do things that you may not want to do. It’s like going back to what you said, the little things that you need to do or may not want to do.

Well they’re going to make a huge difference this summer. And if you are not prepared to do certain little activities or give up certain things like a lot of my clients may not be drinking enough water on a daily basis.


Interview with Pete Fry Mindset Academy For Goalies


Well if you are going to draw, you know, your dry land training program or your, your goalie coach to work on a technical session and you have not drunk enough water. Well coachability and commitment, you know, tie hand in hand Pete because you have to have an open mind to hear.

You know, I remember my goalie coach would in university would point out things and I think a lot of our listeners sometimes take things personally and I remember my goalie coach saying, you know, John, I’m not criticizing you.

What I’m criticizing is your behavior. So you know, if I went down a little too soon on a, he wasn’t criticizing me as a person, that was a goal.

Wait, what he was criticizing was my inability to be patient. On my feet. And I think, you know, a lot of the goalies, our listeners tonight, they have to be, have an open mind to hear feedback cause that’s all it is.

It’s not criticism, it’s feedback and then have that commitment level, you know, like, you know, like Carter, like he’ll do three, four or five ball juggling. And I, and at one point in time, you know, when Carter was younger, he’d get to puck focused and that’s where I sit.

Carter we need to work on your ability to look off the park, be open to recognizing where open men are and which way their blades are. And one of the things that we’re going to do to develop that as concentration grids and ball drills and juggling.

And you know, then, you know, here he is, he commits to it every day. Pete, like, you know, doing five ball juggling, you know, while he’s, you know doing different exercises while he’s doing that.


Edmonton Psychologist | Interview with John Stevenson Mindset Academy For Goalies


And to have that commitment level to really take his game to another level.

That’s where kids have to sometimes, you know, don’t take things personally and it, you know, take it as this is going to be a step to take my, my goal, tending to another level and then really commit to whatever that may be.

Whether it’s their shuffling or their diet or you know, their vision training though that’s, that’s a key component to being mentally tough. Love it, love it, love it.

Okay, fantastic. Nailed that. That is some good stuff. So, so some quick taping takeaways there. Going back to what John said about just being present. Great.

That one thing and also the, the hydration would be a great takeaway as well too. That’s some of the guys can start applying right away and eliminating chocolate milk. Going back to what you were saying.

Oh that made a difference. That’s, that’s a great one there. I’m going to segue in now I’m going to talk a little bit about, a little bit about confidence. I know that was one of the, that was one of the seven CS was confidence.

And that seems to be a topic that no, it is not, is not taught a lot. And I’m going to go over a why and why a lot of people don’t understand it. And what you can start to do right away to just like apply. I’ll just play a little, little quick video here.

I break confidence down into two areas. Where are you guys? Number one, it comes from what you focus on in two is how you move. And when I talk to people about that all the time, let him, he’ll say, no, Pete, it comes from your past successes.


Interview with John Stevenson & Pete Fry Summer Mindset Academy For Goalies


When you have past successes or you’re already good at something, then you’re confident. That’s just because you’re focused on that. That’s all. Someone can go from in totally confident and have all the competence in the world, but all of a sudden be unconfident and their success goes right down there.

So I’m going to talk to you about like what you focus on as an Alyssa. It’s important that good things are going through your mind. Like, like for example, the star or the game or players coming off the bench to congratulate you or you’ll pass successes that you may have had and stuff that that’s going to help you become more competent or the goalie you are becoming.

So I just want to make sure that you got good images in your head and not negative images. Sometimes, you know, a player could get a thrashing from, from a coach. I know one of my clients know the Western, luckily, I don’t want to say the name just cause of the coach.

But his first game he plays spectacular except for one scene if he didn’t come up with. And the coach who’s pretty intimidating, just like, like just gave it to them over that one thing. And he had a hard time getting it out of his head because that was kind of the forefront of his head. So he had to work on how to overcome that.

So you could replace that with a more positive image there. So what you focus on, but also how you focus, right? If you’re, if you see yourself, see getting first star of the game and you see a big and bright in your mind, it’s a little difference.


Edmonton Psychologist | Podcast with John Stevenson & Pete Fry Summer Mindset Academy For Goalies


And if you see it far away and you see a dim, right, if you see it in full color as opposed to black and white or you hear the sounds as opposed to having zero volume there. So that’s one of the key things in your conferences, the focus that you go ahead. And I think people like you know, like they’re the, you know, unbelievable segment.

They’re showing Dylan making, coming up with big saves. And I think Dylan would agree like unbelievable goalie at the Western hockey league level and now he’s going to take his game to the level.

And, but taking that time, like I’m a, I’m a big believer that focus also comes from preparation. And I know that like that that visualization skill, that’s something that Dylan’s going to work on all summer.

You know, he’s going to, that’s going to allow him to feel really prepared going into his NHL. You know, camp with Las Vegas, would you not agree Pete? Yes. Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah. That’s something that he’ll apply every game.

What I am going to do, I am going to, I am going to show you guys a little exercise that Dylan will do that you guys can do as well too. And you can start to apply that consistently for a few minutes every day. So one of the key things is focus and then the other is how you, and I want you to think of, think of two or three playoff games ago to grasp.

Do you remember the one time in the game when St. Louis had an opportunity? Missed it. It didn’t go in and hit the post, but I’m not sure if you guys recall.


Interview with John Stevenson Summer Mindset Academy For Goalies


Cause I remember they, played the replay and they showed it a few times and you saw his body language. As soon as the puck went by him, it was automatic. Just went to his shoulders kind of dropped and he, and he looked down and it was almost like you saw someone who’s very deflated.

You could just see it in the bond language. And by the way, the pocket, the posting came out like not nothing. There wasn’t, it wasn’t a goal. The reason that is so important to understand this is because you can go from feeling totally confident to when something happens in a game all of a sudden without you even like to grasp, didn’t know it.

It was just an automatic reaction. He didn’t know it, but all of a sudden he went to deflated in a heartbeat. One of the things that you need to do is you need to understand how to work with that and how to learn that and how to overcome it.

And just like John was saying, by practicing this every day a little bit every day Pete, like you’re saying like I have these two phrases, emotion, literally how you feel. Emotion is created by motion.

So if you’re walking down the hallway in school like you got here, like you know, tall like shoulders back, heads up. It’s the old famous phrase. Act as if, if you want to be calm, if you want to be confident, act as if you’re confident. And the phrase basically goes pee. Like, if you act the way you want to become, you’ll be become the way you act. And so, you know, like confidence is not something you have.


Edmonton Psychologist | Interview with Pete Fry Summer Mindset Academy For Goalies


Confidence is something you can create and you can create it in a heartbeat. And just like you’re saying, be like, you know, standing tall, like automatically, you know, a, a phrase that I use often with our goalies is your chin. Your chin never goes below the cross bar ever. And you know, and like my goalie coaches

Say a long time ago, anybody can be confident when things are not going well. It’s the guys that are mentally tough. When your, your chins, you know, your teammates don’t show up that night and you’re standing nice and tall and your Chin’s up, well, you’re less prone to having negative thoughts coming into your head.

And you can literally start practicing the sickness. Like if you’re on the golf course, you’re playing another sport or you’re with your friend, literally, you’ll put yourself into that posture. Like how you’re breathing, how you’re moving. Like, you know, I call it the cave man walk.

Like you guys literally got that Cape on your back and you’re walking around like Superman and you’ll literally feel a difference. Like if I put a pen in your mouth right now and it forced you to smile, well you know, well guess how you’re going to start to feel within the next few minutes you’re, you’re, you’re going to start to feel happy.

Yup. Very, very powerful. So in fact, that’s the next thing that we’re going to move into is we’re going to do a little exercise here. So as you guys are there, so you got to get active here. So you can’t just sit there and watch the webinar. So want to make sure that you take action here and you do what we’re going to walk you through, cause I can’t see you.


John Stevenson & Pete Fry Academy For Goalies


I’m going to have to face that. That you’re going to, you’re going to do what I, what? I walk you through here. So what I want you to do now is you’re probably sitting down, I want you to stand up.

So I want you guys to stand up. I’m going to stand up as well to stand up. And as you’re standing up, what I want you to do is I want you to stand there and I want you to almost look like see took, harass. Look when he didn’t make that. Say when the puck hit the post. So head down, shoulders forward.

Great looking at the ground and notice how you feel when you do that. Okay, so looking at the ground, shoulders now, shoulders forward. Think of someone who’s not very confident. How are they going to stand? And now switch it around. So as you’re standing there, shoulders back, chin up.

Almost like you’ve got a Superman Cape. You notice how just by that little bit of movement, all of a sudden you feel different. You start to feel more powerful. Shoulders back. Chin like you got a Superman Cape on reading deep. Like if someone’s totally confident, they’re going to be breathing deep. So reading deep.

Okay, now notice a difference how you feel. You can look up, maybe smile now go back to before where you had your head down, shoulders down, Kenny Kubota, that confidence state. And notice how, yeah, like you can probably even hear my voice by boys sells different when I’m looking down and when I’m looking up. So looking down, unconfident again. Now when I say go, step back to confidence. Ready, go. Snap back to Congress.


Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson Mindset Academy For Goalies


Shoulders back, chin up. Feeling powerful now out of confidence again, looking down. No. Go back to competence. Shoulders back, chin up. Now out of confidence. No, back to competence. I want you to get good at snapping yourself into a state of cough is out. What else can you do? Just beside moving your body, you can also flash images in your head.

So now when you’re looking up, as you’re looking up, I want you to see yourself making a glove scene. See that pot going into your glove. Maybe you hear the fans cheering for you. Shoulders back, chin up. Ealing powerful. Like you got a Superman key point. Well, I would have confidence looking down again and then go looking up again.

Other things you can do as well too. When you’re stabbing yourself in a state of confidence. What we’ll get. Like for example one of my clients back to worm this year and anything Andrews as well to both the Western hockey league.

What they would do is I would get them to move and like hit their chest so to speak. Just some type of our move to stop themselves into that state of competence specially if it’s right after maybe not coming up with a save.

Okay so that’s, that’s one of the things that you can practice and if you just do that five minutes a day, just like John was talking about with Carter, he, you just do that for five minutes a day consistently or 10 minutes a day. Then when it comes time for a game and the puck, maybe it does go by, maybe it’s a post but because you practiced it, you’re not going to go into that deflated state.


Pete Fry Academy For Goalies


You’re going to recognize it right away. So a daily exercise standard part of the mirror. Put music on if you like, moving in and out of confidence for 10 minutes a day and just get used to snapping yourself into a state of total self confidence through how you move and work your focus on.

And it’s like anything else when you first start, you know, be good at it. You know, it may just be like when you first try to overdrive or you know, you, you pick your knee up and your push to, to move across when you’re on your knees.

We’ll do the first few times you didn’t do so well at it yet. As you did it more in your practice, you got better and better. This is

The same. And of course, when John and I do our one day event,

We will be able to watch you and see you do this  help bring you into this state so that, and you can apply it during your, during your season. Okay, so from there I’m going to go back to John here and show this little video. Then John’s going to talk about the performance wheel.


Feeling my way through the door beating heart. I can’t tell where the journey, but I know where to start. Tell me I’m too young to understand. Sam called him in a dream alive and passed me by.

So John, if you want to take her away, talk about the performance wheel.

If any. Goaltender came to see me. This is one of the first things that I do the very first session and I get everybody to take a piece of paper and draw a circle.


Edmonton Psychologist | The Mindset Academy For Goalies


And then I think these are the five key things that really allow a goalie to be the best that he can be. And this summer when we talk about, you know, making sure that you’re ready for your, your camp I call it the performance wheel.

And if you look at the best goalies in the world, I think there’s five key components that make them the best. And the first part is there physical training. And again, this is where we look at your cardio, your speed, agility and quickness, your eye hand coordination, your upper body, your lower body, your core, your, all of these key components.

I remember when Carter was 15 years old and he came into my office and I said, you know, Carter, touch your toes and he couldn’t even come anywhere near close to huge.

His hands do just barely got past its needs. Well we go back to those seven CS, you know, Carter was open to hear that, you know, take it as feedback and this was one of the reasons why this young man form rules 45 minutes every day now and goes to yoga.

And so, you know, he had open mind, didn’t take it personally, just said, Hey look, if I, if I want to get, you know, be one of the best goalies in the Western hockey league and play in the NHL, this is a key component. Then the technical skills, well again that’s, you know, you’re skating.

The Summer Mindset Academy For Goalies

I personally feel that that’s the number one skill for a goalie because as you go from one level to the next level, the speed of the game just gets faster. And you know, your rebound control your angles, you’re tracking your puck, handling skills, all you know, your glove, your blocker, all your different safe selections.

And then, and this is where I think a lot of goalies make a mistake, Pete. I think most of the goalies in the summer, that’s the two areas that they do. They do the physical part and they do the technical part. And I think that’s key and I think it’s critical you have to do those.

But the other two areas I think where they really miss is the tactical, and I call it the, you know, the tactical is basically your hockey IQ. It’s your anticipation skills and a lot of goalies. There was an article about a month and a half ago, Bernie Piront said, you know, one of the things that make Carter so good is his ability to read the play.

And you know, that’s a God given talent. Well, Carter would kind of laugh and chuckle because this is something that he’s really, really worked on.

You know, whether it be the vision training and he’s done a lot of work using the Dyna vision board and the neuro tracker. He does a lot of vision exercises. He does a lot of game film studies. His game film does a lot of concentration grids, does a lot of mental rehearsal, does a lot of ball drills. So this is an area of the game that goalies can do all summer long to really work on being able to read the ice and read the play.


Edmonton Psychologist | The Best Summer Academy For Goalies


As Mitch corn, who I arguably I think is one of the basketball coaches in the NHL, he has a little phrase, he says, you know, beer pong is a game of shots. Quarters is a game of shots, but goaltending is not a game of shots. Goaltending is a game of situations and the best goalies in the world can read the play.

And again, having that open mind, that coachability, that, you know, a lot of my goal is that I work with, we set up a GoPro and then we go over game film and we really work on helping them to make better decisions, being able to read the play better.

And then the mental skills, you know, again, those seven C’s where you’re taking, you know, little exercises each day to work on your concentration, your composure, your consistency.

But having said that all, Pete, maybe if you can bring up the big, the big one. The, the lifestyle. Again, if you, I’ve seen so many kids where they go to dry land and they’re tired and if you’re not getting, you know, that really good deep quality wrestle sleep like, again, as much as I’m a mental trainer now, I think the, the key in the core is your lifestyle.

Because if, again, how many kids today didn’t have a good breakfast or they were eating food that was just really not going to allow them to do what they needed to do at their goalie training session. And so I’ve had kids that literally got drafted into the Western hockey league because they increased their water and got rid of gaming. And the, the lifestyle is to me the most important factor.


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I mean, again, Nick and Carter would tell you that, you know, obviously when they were playing in the Western hockey league, their billets prepared all their meals. And then all of a sudden they, you know, they start off in the American hockey league cause both of them, you know, played quite a bit in the American hockey league this year and they had to prepare their meals.

And you know, Carter, when Carter started the season, he was down with the Philadelphia flyers farm team and he literally got the nutritionist, he got the flyers to bring down a nutritionist and that nutritionist spent four days with him, you know, going, teaching them how to do grocery shopping and how to prepare his meals.

And again, you know, Carter would tell you that was probably one of the biggest things that helped him to have the season that he did this year because he had way more energy because he was eating better and you know, away from the rink.

You know, I always tell him my goal is when you’re away from the rink, get away from the rink. You know, Braden and Carter, they love playing the guitar and, and I’m a big, a big, big believer Pete, that you know, goaltending is what you do but it’s not who you are and you really got to.

There’s a time and a place where you’re a goalie, but then there’s also a time and a place, the rest and recovery and finding things to do outside of being a goal is a critical thing. I know a lot of our students are, I just want to emphasize what you said.


Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson & Pete Fry The Top Mindset Academy For Goalies


So basically what you’re saying there is that when they’re away from the rink, it all, it almost goes back to what you were saying before was be present with what you were doing. So, so that goes back to what you were saying before is know if you’re not at the rank, you are not at the rank age, you’re playing guitar, you are playing your chart.

Does that make sense, says Edmonton psychologist? Yeah. And, and, and I know right now you know, like that’s one of the things when Brayden’s with his family, he’s with his family. And, and the great thing with that Pete is when you come back to your goaltending specific thing because you’re revitalized because you have lots of energy.

You, you, you, you, you can actually train more efficiently. I, I see a lot of goalies, they work really hard, really work hard, but they don’t work smart.

And that’s a big difference. And I think, again, I would encourage all of our listeners today really take a good look, you know, is your diet, is your diet really allowing you to do what you need to do in the dry land training? And my second definition, my first definition of mental toughness.

Pete is very similar. Exactly what you said is mental toughness is what you choose to focus on. And then my second definition of mental toughness, when you look at that performance wheel, really look at each of those quadrants. Where do you need to get better? You know, is your, is your core really bad right now? Is your flexibility as your cardio? You know, technically maybe your reverse VH is not that great or maybe you’re, you know, you’re tracking your head trajectory is not that great.


John Stevenson & The Top Mindset Academy For Goalies


You really want to look at each of these quadrants.

You know, I remember when Brayden, you know, was 19 and he had made, you know, the, the world junior team. You know, we literally went through this wheel and one of the biggest things that he realized was that his ability to stay in the moment to stay present.

Braden would get so rattled by a goal getting by him. And that was him being open and honest enough to say, you know what John, I need to get better at that, but I don’t know how to do that.

Could you, can you show me how to work on being more in the moment? You know? And that takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of guts to look at each of these quadrants and say, this is where I need to get better, coming from an Edmonton psychologist. And that’s what I’d really encourage our students to do.

And you know, I’ve been having a lot of emails, Pete saying, Hey, you know, my son, my son, you know, should he come to the workshop this summer? You know, he doesn’t really understand the importance. And I tell all my clients, absolutely like you want to you want to have an open mind to hearing.

Like maybe you go to a dry land coach and he shows you a drill that maybe you, you weren’t even aware of. You don’t have to do everything, but just really have an open mind to hear different ideas and different thoughts, says Edmonton psychologist. You know, like Carter went to the world junior camping, you know, a lot of these at these world junior camps, they have, you know, nine different goalie coaches and they’re going to share different ideas.


Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson & The Best Summer Mindset Academy For Goalies


And I think it’s really important to, to for the students to, you know, really listen and, and because you might, maybe that goalie coach says one thing that you may have never heard before that not you incorporate that into your game and it really takes you to another level. So the performance wheel is something you’d want to have for the rest of your life.

And each year you are going to re-evaluate each quadrant and the hub of the wheel to make sure that you are optimizing your performance. So it’s can I constant, never ending improvement, says Edmonton psychologist. Love it, love it. Okay, that is some great stuff. And once again, to pull out of that is going back to what John said initially is present in what you were doing the, in what you’re

Doing. Because if you’re in a game and you’re present in that game, if you’re in the moment, you’re going to have a lot greater success by being present in there. So that, that is some great stuff there. So I’m going to talk a little bit about visualization. What you can do there. They’ll place a little quick little video. One of my clients,

Danny Taylor looked pretty good there to the left of Danny Taylor, whose spot? Nope, he covered it again. Danny Taylor has been solid in what we’ve seen so far tonight for Ottawa.

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.


Clear that when you wake up in the morning, all you got to do is step in your dreams.

He’s a great example of the mental of working on the mental part of the game.


Pete Fry & The Top Mindset Academy For Goalies


Like he called me about three days ago, I think it was like a game two or game three. He’s like, are you watching the game? I’m like, yeah.

He’s like, well, I’m watching it with no volume on. It’s like I’m watching the game with no volume on. Thank you both that right, because when you watch the game with the volume on, you’d go, you go. He goes, the emotions can go up and down and stuff. If you get to off that audio.

I want to talk to you now about utilizing visualization and something that you can do for five minutes a day. And what I’m going to do, very simple, I’m going to take you through a little bit of a, a little bit of an exercise here. There we go.

Okay, so here’s what I want you guys to do, and some of you guys may have done this with me at, some of you guys may not have. There we go.

Okay, so everyone’s standing up again. Once again, you got to, you are like, Oh man, here’s Pete again. Now I got to move.

Okay, so now you got to stand up. So I want you to stand up and as you’re standing up, here’s exactly what I want you to do is while you’re standing there, I want you to point your finger forward just like I’m not pointing at you. Look at my finger for, okay, so point your finger forward just like that. And then here’s what I want you to do, says Edmonton psychologist. Now I want you to go to the right, go to the right to as far as you can go.


Edmonton Psychologist | Pete Fry & The Best Summer Mindset Academy For Goalies


And then stop and then come back to the starts. So go ahead as far you can go and stop and come back to the story.

Okay. And once you’ve done that, remember how far that you did go there. Remember what that, that Mark was, how far you are you to go?

Now what I want you to now, I want you to close your eyes as you’re standing there, close your eyes and in your mind only as your eyes are closed in your mind only.

I want you to see yourself pulling your finger forward. Now this is in your mind only, not physically, just mentally in your mind, normal. See yourself pulling your right finger forward.

And then now see that picture in your mind of yourself pointing your right finger forward from your own eyes. And it’ll make it bigger and bigger, brighter, brighter. Move it closer and closer and closer and get the feeling of putting the right finger forward.

And when you do that, now see yourself going to the right. See yourself going further and further and further and further, says Edmonton psychologist. And as you do that, feel your shoulders limp and loose as if it’s made from a handful of loose rubber bands and see yourself now going to the right, go further and further and further.

See yourself doing one full three 60 all the way around, one full, three 60 all the way around and see that image in your mind, bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter. Move it closer and closer and closer. Okay, now open your eyes.

Now physically point your right finger forward. So this is actually your physical.


John Stevenson & Pete Fry The Summer Goalie Mindset Academy


You have this now, point your right finger forward and now go to the right as far as you can go further and further and further and further and further and further and further and further far, says Edmonton psychologist.

You can go Mark the spot and come back to the start question. Who when further the second time as opposed to the first time now using you, the I when I do this one.

I’m speaking to that audience. 99% or more of people go further the second time. And the reason is because you had a clear, it’s sure in your mind of what you wanted to accomplish of what you wanted to do beforehand and so I always ask all these this.

I say, if you have not ran a visualization and do not have a clear picture of your goalie career of the that you want to be in the future, if you don’t have that clear picture, what are you giving up?

Just like the finger pointing. My next question that I ask all these is if you do not have a crystal clear picture going into a trial, a lot of boys going through a trial just not wanting to get cut.

That’s not the most positive picture. If you go into a trial, if you don’t have the third picture going to try to exactly what you want to accomplish, what are you giving up and you haven’t ran that visualization for a season.

If you’re about to start a season and you have not run the movie of exactly what you want in your season, what are you giving up and then of course for a game before a game. If you haven’t run the movie and visualize yourself making those.


Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson & Pete Fry – The Goalie Mindset Academy


See maybe holding the game puck after the game, whatever it is, you haven’t run that movie. What are you, you’ve been, Oh, so the whole running the movie, the visualization is going to be as critical, critical, critical part of your success.

And having said that, you want to make sure that when you’re doing the visualization, you are doing the visualization. Great. That’s it. And then when you’re done with it, you’re in a moment with whatever else. Can I can I just jump in here?

Yes, yes. Go ahead. I find goalies, Pete, you know, it’s funny, like at this time of the year, I’ll ask them, I’ll say you know we’re, where are you playing next year? And, and exactly what you just said, Pete, I hear a lot of goalies.

They’ll say, I hope to make this team. And it’s like, well, when you have, when I hear that phrase, says Edmonton psychologist, it’s like, well, now you’ve got two images in your head and your brain gets confused, says Edmonton psychologist. And so I always tell my clients exactly what you just said, Pete, is you want to have that crystal clear image of what you are going to do, not hope to do.

And I think that’s a really key thing. What you just mentioned Pete, is that it is having that real good clear image that of this is this is where I am playing, not hope to be playing.

Yes, yes. I love it. I love it. Not that. Yup. Exactly. Exactly. So, so it is crystal clear and that’s one of the things of course that we’ll, we’ll do in our one day event. It is, we will help the goalies get crystal clear on their goalie career on exactly the future goals that they want to be.


John Stevenson – The Goalie Mindset Academy


So, they lead there with the crystal-clear picture. Then of course for the season of course, for any upcoming tryouts as well as well too. There you got it. So that that is dynamite.

I’m going to move on John now to the summer mindset plan. So I got it. I got a few things here is one is for the goalies to make sure that they, they utilize a performance wheel.

They work on their confidence for 10 minutes daily. They work their visualization for 10 minute minutes daily running the movie of the goalies are going to become running the movie of their outcome.

They wanted their triumphs, whatever that is, 18 minutes a day. And I know we are going to have another seminar next week. We’ll cover a little bit more on the, the visualization. The other key things for every goalie of course is to attend our one day event, a play out of your mind seminar,says Edmonton psychologist.

And John and I are going to talk just a little bit more about that right now so that you guys have a little bit more information on it. And John, I’ll let you take it away and kind of started off as far as our, our, our one day event goals. What would you like to tell everyone about it?

Well I think again a lot of goalies they, they start to, you know, the guys that really want to get their game to another level.

They really do understand, like there’s this little phrase that, you know, when you’re practicing, 95% of it is physical and 5% is mental. But when it comes game time, it’s 95% mental and 5% physical.


Edmonton Psychologist | Pete Fry – The Goalie Mindset Academy


And you know, I, the biggest thing that I want to accomplish during that workshop is I want the, the, the clients that come to this workshop, they’re going to have tangible, like they’re going to like, I joke, but my job is to coach myself out of a job.

I want my goalies. You know, the, the goal is to come to our workshop, Pete. They’re going to have the skills and the tools that they, they, you know, when they leave, they know exactly what to do to build their concentration skills.

They know exactly what to do to build their composure skills. So skills like heart rate, variability training, progressive muscle relaxation, they’re going to have the skills.

And I go back to that performance wheel. You don’t have to invent the wheel, just copy it. You know, what are the best goalies in the world doing that, you know, in each of those quadrants. And when the kids come to the, you know, the, this workshop, we’re going to be doing things.

This is not going to be where you’re sitting there taking notes. There’s going to be parts where you’re doing that. But we’re going to be doing a lot of stuff like you, like Pete had you guys do in here today.

Getting up and moving and doing things like you’re going to, your, every client is going to know how to do three, four, five ball juggling, says Edmonton psychologist. When they finish and know and understand how this really helps them to take their game to another level. So that’s the biggest thing I wanted to emphasize is that we’re going to do a lot of experiential things. We’re not going to just be sitting there.


John Stevenson – The Summer Goalie Mindset Academy


You’re going to be doing a lot of doing and these are skills that you can continue to keep developing cause it’s, it’s not what you do with Pete and it’s what you do on your own time and you’re going to know the very specific things to do in practice.

You got it. That assignment. Yeah, for sure. The goal is just got a baby, got a little,

Just a little teaser, little bit of a taste today of things that we’re going to be working with them on during the, during the one day event. You know what, I’m so excited about this, John, I’m so excited to, to, to work with you on this and you know, to travel and to speak together here.

And what I am most excited about is the impact that we are going to have on the goalies. And I really think that this is going to be a goalie career changing event for the goalies. This will literally change their goalie destiny and yeah, it is, it is going to be a great event.

I’m very, very excited about it and very excited to make an impact. With you John, Edmonton psychologist, the summer and our, our, our very next event is actually in Vancouver in a couple of weeks. It is June 22nd and 23rd and goalie seminars.com is where you go to find out more information on it.

Goalie seminars.com. You can put that in. All the information is there and if you have any questions you can contact John or you can contact myself. As well. And I we, we did this webinar that we did. This is the first one that John and I have done together as far as a webinar.


Edmonton Psychologist | Pete Fry – The Summer Goalie Mindset Academy


And I know that I had some technical challenges with this. I got a ton of messages after we started. A lot of people that wanted to log into the webinar, they didn’t have the login info. I thought, I, I find I posted it, but, but I didn’t. Anyways some people had it, some people didn’t. So we’re going to do one next week as well too.

You definitely want to be on next week’s as well. I think you’ll find it very, very helpful. And I guess we’re, we’re going to remember this the best. Do what the rest are not prepared to do the best. Do what the rest are not prepared to do.

You’ll see some of our clients on the video. And it, this will actually have some more information on the, on the goalie seminar as well too. But John, any, any, any final words before we before we play the video here?

Again, I think the big thing is if the kids or parents want to have more information they can contact zoneperformance.ca

or goalieseminars.com

The other thing a lot for the parents that might be listening in. I am a registered psychologist. So one of the nice benefits of this program is that if you do have any type of insurance, the insurance plan might cover this mental training, says Edmonton psychologist.

There might not be any cost to you as a parent. So that’s one thing. I just want to let the parents know because I am a registered psychologist and again, I think goalies need to start literally today.

As soon as we get off the webinar, what’s the one thing that you could do today, you know, whether it’s physical or mental, technical or tactical.


The Goalie Mindset Academy with John Stevenson


That you could do today that’s going to take you one step to realizing that crystal clear picture, that

Goal that you want to see yourself doing. Come September. Love it. Love it. That is fantastic.

This one day event here for the play out of your mind seminar with John and I, that is a can’t miss event for Goldens you yet. Yeah, you got to attend. You got two goalies out of 10 will have a huge advantage over those that don’t.

And so what I’m going to do, I’m going to finish off just by playing the video here and everyone, it was, it was, it was an honor to chat with you and look forward to our next one.

And for John and I, we will hopefully we’ll see at our, on our one day event in the summer mode. We’ll get a picture together when we’re there. Okay. Make it possible.

We’re at a full stop by Braden whole thing. Puck has a wide open net and the paddle of the stick pulping in Washington, they’ll be calling this the safe.

That is got to be the savior of the year. Credible stock desperation. Colby more wanted waiting. Believable. Save the glazes from scoring late in the second period that back it up.

Hey guys, Beck warm here from the Tricity Americans and the Western hockey league. Since I started working with Pete last may, I’ve been able to take my game to another level.

I always knew how important the mental side of the game was, but never truly understood how powerful the brain is. Not only has PE changed the way I think and perform on the ice, but the way I act in everyday life.


Edmonton Psychologist | The Goalie Mindset Academy with Pete Fry


If you had the chance to work with Pete, I highly suggest to take it.

No turn around pass. And there’s warm to make the save. After it went off her Robic, I believe in front of the net. The corner comes out of a load in front backhand or what a stop with a stick of back warmest hash marks. Mcdonald’s prob by war with the goalie.

Dig into Ben is a very talented group out there. The sharks are playing bird. That’s to the night for a coder heart as he keeps the stars off the board. That is just some sweet golden and right there from Carter hearts. I’m

Carter Howard with the Philadelphia flyers. Now. Yeah, Johnny Stevenson has been a big help in my development, not only as a goaltender, but as a person as well.

He’s taught me a lot of life lessons and a lot of techniques that I use on a daily basis not only on the ice and at the rink, but throughout my daily life as well. And I’m lucky to have, John is a good friend of mine and as my sports psychologist and just can’t thank them enough for everything that he’s done for me.

It’s still Scarlet for the flyers. Turn it over to the shooter, making this safe. Somehow he anticipated that giveaway. Danny Taylor has been solid in what we’ve seen so far tonight for Ottawa.

Since I started working with Pete, I have a new found love for the game. He’s completely changed the way I think in the net and how I handle adversity on and off the ice.

His attention to detail on pre work, she’s visualizations and body language is what helped me and will help you get to the next level.


Edmonton Psychologist | The Goalie Mindset Academy with John Stevenson & Pete Fry


Hey guys. Braden Holtby here. Client and friend of John Stevenson Edmonton psychologist and I want to talk a little bit about how I see the importance of mental training and the tools that John can give you.

For me it starts with preparation for a game. Getting that consistency every single game so you can get your best self

Credible stuff by Braden hole. That is got to be the same for the year. Credible stock desperation

Shot’s 38 14. He’s an adders keeping his team in it and Nathan Andrews has been able to keep it out and he’s kept his keen absolutely right in it.

Hey guys, he’s Nando’s here with the red deer rebels from the Western hockey league. I’ve been working with Pete since this past January and it’s been awesome. Pizza been helped me a lot ever since I’ve started playing goal each year I realized how important the mental game is.

And this past year I decided to give Pete a call and ever since I have it’s been amazing pizza and helped me out a lot with just the metal part of the game and get me mentally stronger and it’s been helping a lot.

I would recommend Pete to anyone who wants to get to that next level or just improve the mental side of the game.

Hey guys, I’m Braden Holtby here. The tools with John’s given me the tools help definitely with recovering from a bad game or even maintaining a level head after a good game. And to me it’s, it’s changed my life, my career. You know, to move forward and, and really work your mind to make sure that you are developing yourself.


The Summer Goalie Mindset Academy with John Stevenson


Well, he’s getting a chance to play hockey league and he got a chance to go in a game last night, so it’s huge for a 19 year old.

I guess my name is Dylan Ferguson, the Vegas golden Knights. Before I started working with Pete, I was a backup goalie in the WHL the way Pete trained my mind and helped me to become a better goalie.

The fact that now I have certain anchors and techniques where I, if I’m not feeling totally confident about the save, I didn’t come up with, I can, I can almost turn a switch like that and just get back into it.

Theodore Ferguson, we shut it down.

You will gain the mental skills that we teach Braden Holtby. You will learn to dominate with complete confidence in your games. Like we teach Stuart Skinner, you will learn how to reset with total certainty after a goal.

Like we teach Carter heart, you will gain the techniques to have consistency in your games like we teach back warm. This is John Stevenson and Pete Frye experts in the field of goalie psychology and mental training. Attend our full day seminar workshop to develop a mindset of Braden Holtby and Carter heart.

This seminar workshop will instantly propel your goalie career to new Heights. Our clients struggled with their goalie mindset until they utilized our proven system.

John and I will deliver the very best mental tools and techniques in this full day workshop. Join the ranks of Braden Holtby, Carter Hart, Jeff Glass, and many more. The pros call us for help with their confidence, focus, and visualization techniques.


Edmonton Psychologist | The Summer Goalie Mindset Academy with John Stevenson & Pete Fry


They want to replicate the strategies and tools that propelled our clients to achieve the accolades of CHL in Western hockey league goalie of the year, Vezina and NHL all star world junior championships and Stanley cup. This full day event is only four 99 less than a piece of goalie equipment. You will exponentially increase your confidence and focus in one day, says Edmonton psychologist.

Register now and your future self will. Thank you. You’ll out-compete and outperform other goalies. Register now in this full day seminar workshop will forever change your goalie career destiny. Register now.

Our one day event will exponentially increase your goalie mental skills. You can’t afford not to register now. Success leaves say yes. Invest in yourself. Very limited availability. Register now and change your goalie career destiny forever.

You’ve got a whole goalie career to gain and nothing to lose by securing your spot. Now the best. Do what the rest are not prepared to do. We’ll register now to change your goalie career and your life. Register now. Success leaves clues.


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