Sports & Performance Psychologist John Stevenson on the Shaun Newman Podcast

John Stevenson Sports & Performance Psychologist interview on the Shaun Newman Podcast. Click The Image to Listen To The Podcast on YouTube Click here to listen on iTunes   Transcribed with permission. Shaun Newman: He currently resides in Edmonton Alberta, a former goalie who played for st. FX. He has his master’s in sports psychology … Read more

Goalie Summer Mental Training Plan: Goalie Mindset Academy June 8 featuring John Stevenson and Pete Fry

[transcription] Edmonton Psychologist | John Stevenson & Pete Fry Goalie Mindset Academy   We’re going to help you guys formulate a little bit of a plan for the summer so that next season you can have your strongest season ever. John’s also a former NHL golden coach, and together our clients have won Stanley cups, … Read more

Braden Holtby and Mario Cart Tattoos

Braden Holtby WASHINGTON CAPITALS From the Player Tribune. Mario Kart is all about the sound effects. That’s the beauty, at least for me. I mean, I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan with 900 cows, so I’m not exactly a video game connoisseur or anything. But in my humble opinion, it’s only Mario Kart if it’s the N64 … Read more