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Psychologist Edmonton - Episode 9 Mindful Sport Performance

This post is a transcript of the Mindful Sport Performance Podcast with guest John Stevenson, a psychologist in Edmonton. Dr. Keith Kaufman: Hi, and welcome back to the mindful sport performance podcast. I’m Dr. Keith Kaufman. I’m Dr. Tim Pineau, and we are very, very excited to be joined today by John Stevenson. John is … Read more

Sports & Performance Psychologist John Stevenson on the Shaun Newman Podcast

John Stevenson Sports & Performance Psychologist interview on the Shaun Newman Podcast. Click The Image to Listen To The Podcast on YouTube Click here to listen on iTunes   Transcribed with permission. Shaun Newman: He currently resides in Edmonton Alberta, a former goalie who played for st. FX. He has his master’s in sports psychology … Read more

Edmonton Psychologist | Mental Health In The Edmonton NHL Bubble

Edmonton Psychologist Global News Mental Health In The NHL Bubble

  This is an interview conducted by Global News in Edmonton with Edmonton Psychologist John Stevenson. [TRANSCRIPTION] Edmonton Psychologist | Mental Health In The Edmonton NHL Bubble Global News | HOST: Well that was a little look inside of your Edmonton NHL bubble from statistician Ryan Moore who is currently inside that bubble. It’s a … Read more