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We are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment strategies to groups and individuals actively seeking to maximize their health and well-being and reach their true potential.

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Zone Performance offers a unique experience, tailored specifically to each individual client that comes to us. Whether you are an athlete of any age or skill level, a business executive, or anyone else looking to optimize their mental performance, we will work with you to ensure that our program is customized to best meet your needs. We offer a multidisciplinary combination of different approaches to help you perform at your best, regardless of the situation

Your peak performance experience at Zone is designed by Registered Psychologist, John Stevenson. John offers over 20 years of expertise working with NHL goaltenders, olympic athletes, and top business executives. His mental skills program will teach you to stay relaxed and confident under pressure, maximize focus, tune out distractions, manage difficult thoughts and emotions, and more.

In addition to peak performance coaching, Zone Performance makes use of the latest in neurocognitive training technology. Our recently opened Cognitive-Perceptual Training Centre offers programs from Neurotracker, Senaptec, Fitlight, and Vizual Edge. Cognitive-perceptual training has been proven to boost focus, processing speed, memory, visual cognition, executive functioning, and more. These training programs offer a variety of settings, and allow us to target the specific aspects of cognitive functioning that you would like to improve.

Regardless of your skill level and expertise in your athletic or professional life, emotions and maladaptive thoughts can cause the development of psychological barriers which prohibit you from performing at your best. In addition to mental skills training, Zone Performance offers neurofeedback therapy in order to help address this. Neurofeedback training teaches the brain to self-regulate, and function the way it was intended to. With applications ranging from alleviating performance anxiety in high pressure situations, all the way to boosting focus, memory, and other cognitive functions, neurofeedback is an incredibly versatile tool. This allows us to customize and create a program perfectly suited towards you.

By combining tried and true forms of mental performance coaching, along with the newest emerging technology, Zone Performance addresses your needs from a variety of perspectives. We are constantly researching new techniques, strategies, and programs to ensure we are properly equipped to help you achieve your goals.

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