Stress Management and Peak Performance Training


The ability to perform under pressure and achieve extraordinary business success is the primary goal of Zone’s Performance’s Business Mental Toughness Program.  Zone’s Mental Toughness Program focuses on two primary skills to build Executive Toughness:

  1.  Creating  the Right Focus
  2. Creating the Right Feeling
…learn how to be fully present and poised under pressure.

Clients participating in this program learn how to be fully present and poised under pressure.  Zone’s integrative program uses cutting edge technology and a variety of practical tools and exercises to train your mind so that you have the competitive edge in your business field. This program will:

  • Strengthen your ability to focus and concentrate
  • Maximize your ability to Self-Regulate your body and brain so that you can control your mental and physical reactions to intense high-pressure situations

Creating the Right Focus


What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is direct training of the brain which then learns to function with greater control and stability. Showing a person their brain’s electrical activity on a computer screen, and rewarding the brain for changing its activity to more appropriate patterns, is a non-medical, non-invasive way to improve brain function. This stimulates the brain’s capacity to better regulate itself, producing positive changes in mood, learning, behavior, and physical symptoms.

What happens during an EEG neurofeedback session?

Generally there are thirty minutes of actual brainwave training in a one hour session. The practitioner, using information from the initial intake session, chooses the location of sensors that are placed on the scalp, allowing electrical activity of the brain to be recorded and analyzed by computer. A video game, similar to a computer game, is viewed by the client. When the brain successfully achieves the desired brainwave state, the game moves faster, giving auditory and visual rewards. The video game “stalls” when the brain is not focused on the targeted exercise. Gradually, the brain learns to respond to the rewards, resulting in more focused and flexible brain functioning. Improved self-regulation of brainwave activity permits the best available response whenever needed in daily life.

…Neurofeedback is a state of the art brain training tool.

Neurofeedback is a state of the art brain training tool that is used to improve a variety of health conditions, as well as personal performance. Brain wave regulation is indicated for:

  • Peak Performance
  • Chronic Pain/Stress Management
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Sleep Disregulation

Who Should Apply
Students in our peak performance and stress management program are mainly company executives, entrepreneurs, University/College students and elite athletes. Women and men from many different walks of life have benefited from the program usually moving on to more rewarding careers, or higher positions within their companies. A person who feels that they are not realizing their full potential and wants to excel is a candidate.

Program Goal
Graduates from the “TOPS” program” (Tools for an Optimal Performance State) are capable of Self-regulation. They can turn on an ideal performance state. The athlete learns a calm, relaxed and focused state, free of emotional distractions such as anxiety, anger and frustration. The executive is capable of being relaxed, alert, calm, aware and reflective while focusing, creating and applying appropriate strategies in a flexible manner to accomplish the task at hand.


In a work environment that is increasingly flooded with information, professionals need to stay on track, prioritize activities, and overcome the constant distractions that slow productivity. Working memory – the ability to keep information in mind for brief periods of time – is closely linked to fluid intelligence and is crucial for professional success.

Neuroscientists have called working memory the brain’s search engine because it is what allows us to locate and retrieve information at a moment’s notice. A strong working memory empowers a professional to perform well under pressure, remain organized, and prioritize activities.

Professionals with strong working memory capacities are efficient with their time and well equipped to multi-task. Research now indicates that working memory can be substantially and lastingly strengthened by training, to improve professional performance.

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NeuroTracker training develops the innate ability to track what is going on in the world around us – whether driving, crossing the street or following a tennis opponent’s movements.

These are skills that we take for granted, but can decline with age or be impaired in those with certain neurobiological alterations. Even in those who are healthy, training has been shown to improve attention in real world tasks. Through training different forms of attention, Neurotracker Attention Training can help through improving the ability to do the following:


Filter out Distractions – Maintain focus while driving, in a meeting or when keeping an eye on the kids in crowded shopping mall.

See more’ – Distribute  attention so that it is easier to make sense of crowded or chaotic scenes. Don’t get overwhelmed by fast movements, busy roads or crowds. Significant quality of life improvement for seniors.

…NeuroTracker training develops the innate ability to track what is going on in the world around us…

Measure Attention & Motor Response– record progress with precise scientific measurements. Measure deficits following a concussion or stroke, and track improvements during rehabilitation.

NeuroTracker Attention Training specifically provides attentional training which contributes to improved situational awareness, improved perceptual processing, improved working memory, improved sustained attention (maintain focus and resist distractions), and provides a cognitive measure which is a useful indicator of brain state to evaluate progress during the rehab process.

Check out how NeuroTracker can improve your life or your game:

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Coming early, staying late, working through lunch, reports, long meetings and overtime. It takes its toll. Employees, more than ever before, have more responsibility, longer job titles and less time.

What are the number 1 and 2 reasons people leave a company?


No, recognition and stress. The workplace will always have stressors but it’s how we manage, restore and enhance our workplaces that matter.

Zone Performance will customize a program for your company, department or one on one for executives and employees. Participating IN THE ZONE Program, you will learn a wide variety of breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization and awareness skills that will:

  • Reduce your stress and fatigue
  • Increase your vitality
  • Boost your overall sense of well-being
  • Enhance your ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure
  • Enhance your ability to listen and communicate more effectively


This program utilizes the latest techniques from BioFeedBack Training and relaxation training with NeuroFeedBack.
For example, clients will benefit from temperature training biofeedback which is a powerful tool to assist you to learn how to control your anxiety response by helping you to shut down your “Sympathetic Nervous System” which triggers the stress response.

Coaching and training is developed and then offered to understand and overcome the stress that creates a loss of focus, contributes to health concerns, and gets in the way of top performance.

Clients work with a variety of CD’s or MP3’s with guided stress control techniques offering you a way to practice, and then achieve control of the stress response mechanism that triggers your lack of focus and success. With practice, this leads to mastery over your “stress blockage” usually within 12 weeks.

…Stress management is an individualized process, and each individual who participates in this program will specifically have their needs and goals addressed…


It’s time to prepare yourself and/or your organization just as World Class Athletes prepare for major competition. This program provides the “know how” and body awareness for you to gain uncommon control over your automatic stress reactions.

You may not be able to change many of the stressors in your life but you can get extremely good at controlling and managing your reactions to them.

Developing this skill set will save time and resources by helping you to complete tasks with fewer mistakes.

IN THE ZONE Program can help reduce health care costs and time due to stress related health challenges. This process improves the quality of life.

This program can be presented at your corporate location or at an off-site venue of your choice. Clients can choose to use this opportunity as a complement to a corporate retreat, or special company meeting.

Are you ready to break thru your barriers?

Zone Performance has the technology advantage with cutting edge experts in Vision Training, One on One Mental Coaching, BioFeedBack and NeuroFeedback training. Zone Performance has designed a specialized program that combines technology and Mental Coaching to get you Podium Prepared.

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