Peak Performance Training using BioFeedback

Brain-Computer Interface Training involves learning, through feedback, to regulate brain wave (EEG) activity. This provides a person with the mental edge – the ability to choose to be in the mental state appropriate for the activity at hand. This training program can improve executive functioning (including attention, focus, organization, learning, listening and memory) through individualized neurofeedback.

Peripheral Biofeedback involves feedback concerning physiological states that reflect alertness, tension and anxiety. This combined program can improve your ability to effectively handle stress through a combination of Brain Waive (EEG) changes and heart rate variability training.

By using a combination of methods, our training can:

  • Add performance
  • Add confidence
  • Add efficiency
  • Add productivity

Improving attention span turns out to be a factor realized in almost all of our clients.  Some of our clients meet the criteria for Attention Deficit Disorder.  However, all want to optimize their performance.

In work and academics, as well as athletic performance, our formula for success has been a combination of:

  • EEG Biofeedback (Brain-Computer Interface)
  • Peripheral Biofeedback
  • Metacognitive Strategies

Metacognition in simplest terms is “thinking about thinking”. It refers to executive thinking skills that monitor your cognition. It involves being conscious about how you plan, execute, learn and remember.

Olympic Gold Medalists have used training programs, feedback screens and methods developed at Zone Performance. Alexandre Bilodeau (winner of Canada’s first gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010) was quote in Maclean’s magazine regarding how his neuro-biofeedback had decreased his tension and improved his focus. These methods have also been used by top level professional teams, such as AC Milan before they won the European Cup in 2008. Golfers and tennis players also benefit from improving their focus to achieve the mental edge.

A Comprehensive Approach: The executive’s life style is considered including sleep, nutrition, exercise, organization strategies and coping style. If helpful, the executive will be referred for specific nutritional analysis and recommendations.

Initial Assessments are specific to the needs of the candidate. They involve a minimum of one 3 to 4 hour session which includes history, questionnaires, two computerized tests which measure attention span, response control, reaction time and variability, and a single channel electroencephalographic (EEG) profile. The EEG assessment is non-invasive, painless, and takes only a few minutes. The EEG is observed by the client and the results are discussed. A brief demonstration training session is carried out.

A second EEG assessment where required, is a very advanced, comprehensive 19 channel EEG + Evoked Potentials + Heart Rate Variability analysis. This is advisable in complex cases, such as people who have had concussions.

The further assessment of other psychophysiological parameteres including respiration, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), muscle tension, peripheral skin temperature, and electrodermal response is carried out early in training. All of these variables are important in the assessment of the client’s ability to recover rapidly from stress.


Executives and academics may have specific problems that are interfering with performance at work or at home. These challenges include: Attention and Memory Difficulties, Anxiety, Depression, Specific Learning Problems, etc. Sometimes these difficulties are related to an earlier head/injury concussion.

Each of these difficulties correlates with very specific electroencephalographic (EEG) findings which lead to a unique Brain-Computer Interface training program (also knows as neurofeedback).


None of us can escape stress. The key to optimal performance functioning lies not in avoiding stress but in learning how to effectively deal with it and recover, both cognitively and physiologically.


Zone Performance has a wide range of equipment for both assessment and training of psychophysiological variables. The most advanced equipment for both EEG data collection and HRV analysis and training is used. This allows for individualization of programs to meet the unique needs of each client.

Results are carefully monitored and progress testing is done after 40 sessions of training. Research findings are presented at international conferences and published in professional peer-reviewed journals. The training is tailored for each client using a multi-modal approach. In this way we maximize results with every client to achieve positive outcomes in learning and in life.

Check out the below youtube videos for some more information on bio and neurofeedback…