One On One Sports Psychology

One-on-One Sports Psychology/Mental Game Coaching

Boost your performance skills with one-on-one mental toughness coaching from Sport Psychology expert John Stevenson (M.A. Sport Psychology; MACP). With customized individual mental training strategies featuring a proven, practical Sports Psychology Coaching program, athletes can learn the strategies to perform consistently well in competition. Whether you are an amateur athlete, performer, or seasoned pro, mental training strategies can boost your performance and give you the mental toughness skills to succeed both in practice and during competition. It does not matter if you are across town or around the globe, John’s Sport Psychology Coaching programs will:

  • Uncover behaviors’ and attitudes that prevent you from performing your best.
  • Excel by mastering the mental strategies to take you to the next level!!
  • Learn peak performance routines that elite pro athletes use.
  • Understand how to practice like a pro and improve practice efficiency.
  • Uncover secrets that pros use to reach peak performance.

Mental Game Coaching with John Stevenson can take place in person or via the phone or Skype. Sessions occur by appointment only. These may be made via telephone or in person. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long. Most sessions are typically reimbursed under insurance or EAP programs. Check with your insurance provider or employer for details.

All one-on-one Sport Psychology programs include:

  • Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (AMAP) to identify mental game challenges.
  • Individual Mental Game Plan outlining the mental strategies for improvement
  • Unlimited email correspondence directly with John Stevenson for 1 year.
  • Packages include Heartmath’s Emwave PSR Biofeedback tool to promote relaxation

Program Cost:
Fees are based upon the recommendation of the Psychologists Association of Alberta.
Individual Session: $180.00
Packages (with & without Heartmath’s Emwave Technology and workbooks):

  • 5 mental game coaching sessions ($1105.00 & $855.00)
  • 10 mental game coaching sessions ($1870.00 & $1620.00)