Concussion Rehabilitation & Baseline Testing

Human brain concussion with red gears and cogs.Concussion Rehabilitation

A traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that shakes the brain inside the skull is a concussion. Although there may be no signs of injury this doesn’t mean a concussion hasn’t occurred. Concussions aren’t just from a blow to the head – any body blow can cause the whiplash effect that injures the brain.

At Zone Performance we use cutting edge, Cognitive Perceptual
Training technology like D2 Dynavision, Cognisens Neurotracker,
Neurofeeback and Biofeedback– to accurately assess and more importantly,
treat your concussion symptoms and systematically improve your brain

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Concussion Baseline Testing

A baseline concussion test measures brain function prior to an injury or a concussion so that, in the event of an injury, comparisons can be made between pre and post injury data to make an accurate diagnosis. Brain function, balance, memory and problems solving skills are all tested in a baseline test. These kinds of things are all tested again post-injury.

Baseline testing aids in the diagnosis and tracking of treatment in the event of a head injury or concussion. A series of cognitive performance tests – along with a neurological brain map – can comprehensively and objectively assess the client’s current brain functioning.

Concussion baseline testing should be performed at least once per year for those participating in dynamic sports.

$100.00 for a basic baseline (1 visit)
$400.00 for a comprehensive baseline (5 visits)

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