About Us

Zone Performance is an Alberta based Performance Centre that helps to maximize the performance, health and well-being of our business, professional, athletic, and performing arts clients.

Get Into the Zone: Discover the strategies and tools that will quickly improve your performance and will allow you to consistently achieve countless peak performances for many years to come.

Top professionals whether it’s in the Sports, Arts, or Business arena recognize and understand that achieving Peak performance on a consistent basis requires five key ingredients:

  • Physical Training
  • Technical Training
  • Tactical Training
  • Lifestyle Balance-Proper Nutrition, Hydration, Rest/Sleep
  • Mental Training

Zone Performance Psychology’s <strong>Mental Skills Training Program</strong> is unique in that we utilize an integrative and systematic approach that takes the fields of Sports Science, Psychophysiology, and Sport Psychology together to produce performance results under pressure on demand.

We provide cutting edge sports science services to individuals in the sports performance, corporate, military and wellness domains.

Zone Performance Psychology is a leader in the industry because our approach goes beyond teaching the traditional Sports psychology/mental skills of confidence, attentional focus, energy management/activation, motivation, composure, visualization, etc.

Our clients benefit from the same computer driven technological services (e.g., biofeedback, neurofeedback, reaction time training, decision training, and vision training, etc.) that are currently being used by Vancouver Canucks, Chelsea FC, AC Milan, NASA, the Navy Seals and the Canadian Olympic teams.

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply want to achieve your own personal best in your specific performance arena, sport science tools such as biofeedback, neurofeedback, vision training, reaction training, and decision training can help you reach new levels of performance, not just for a few fleeting moments, but for longer and more consistent performance at your best more than ever before.

Zone Performance Psychology utilizes a series of proven sport-specific assessments and training programs guaranteed to take your performance to the next level. Simply put, Zone Performance Psychology provides individualized performance enhancement solutions via mental skills training that target your specific needs.