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Mental Toughness Training for Optimal Peak Performance –
Perform on Demand, Under Pressure!

At Zone Performance, we utilize the most advanced cutting-edge technology in Mental Toughness Training, Bio/Neurofeedback Training, and Cognitive-Perceptual training to maximize your performance, reach your goals and overcome the obstacles in your life. 

Zone Performance Psychology is a leader in the industry because our approach goes beyond teaching the traditional Sports psychology/mental skills of confidence, attention/focus, energy management/activation, motivation, composure, visualization, etc. Instead, we develop and deliver performance-oriented programs & products that are designed to help individuals and teams realize their competitive goals. Our clients come from many walks of life – athletes from a multitude of sports, business and occupational professionals from a wide range of enterprises – but they share a common ambition: to be successful; at the highest levels of the performance world in which they work or compete.

We achieve this goal through education, evaluation, training and consulting services which are individualized to the needs, and challenges of each client or group, regardless of the environment in which they must perform. Find out more.

*INSURANCE COVERAGE: Please note that your treatments may be covered by your health insurance plan or employee health benefits. Contact your health insurance provider about psychological counselling.

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